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Design. Innovation.

Janus is the first vehicle project designed, created and realized by GIVE, a young startup team of disruptive engineers, with the vision to challenge the way we move inside our cities. Janus -god of all beginnings- is a new proposition challenging the way we perceive & feel about our personal mobility vehicles. Smart, customizable and chargeable anywhere, Janus is here to help make our cities "greener".

85 km/h

Max speed

200 km

Range in normal city road conditions

3 sec

0-80 km/h

5 kW


60 %

Less Running Costs

up to 3

Battery Packs

Mobile Operated

Start/Stop through your mobile. Check your vehicle's health. Change options and feel. Locate it and make sure no-one messes with it!

Charge AnyWhere

Detachable batteries for you to charge at home, in the office or even while having a coffee. With up to 3 batteries, you will have 200km of un-interrupted driving experience.

8'' Digital Screen & Navigation

Let Janus navigate you around the city in the most efficient, green and soundless way.

Stay connected

For service or for any help, we will be next to you at the click of a button.

Help us get to a more sustainable future.

save 390 kg CO2

every year

> 9750 tonnes

CO2 in 5 years

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